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Did your website look great when it was new, but now there is something about it that just doesn’t look quite right? Does it not get the response that it used to? If so, the chances are it needs modernising. Here are six reasons why it might.

1. Outdated design.

This is probably the most obvious and immediately noticeable reason. Things are continually changing online; a design that looked good even just 5 years ago might be starting to look a bit old. Styles and tastes move, and if you’ve not refreshed the look of your website in a while it could be starting to look a little stale. Pay attention to other websites, particularly those of competitors, and compare how your site measures up. Remember, your website is the online face of your business, and the first impression that many people will see.

2. Poor user experience.

If your website is slow, or if some functions don’t work, this is certain to put visitors off, and to turn them to a more user-friendly website instead of yours. A website needs to function quickly and efficiently or there is a good chance it will lose traffic. A modern website can perform many functions which will help a user find the answer to their queries; if yours doesn’t, visitors will probably look elsewhere.

3. Outdated message.

Your business might have changed since the time your website was created or last updated. New products or services need to be promoted, and a website is one of the best ways to do this online. If you’ve had a new logo, or a change of branding identity, this absolutely needs to be reflected on your website to maintain familiarity and trust with customers.

4. Not mobile responsive

It’s amazing just how many websites still aren’t properly geared up to be viewed on a mobile phone – for some it appears to have been almost an afterthought. This is no longer an option. With over half of all web traffic now coming from mobile devices, it is vital that your website is mobile-friendly. If you haven’t checked how your website looks on a mobile phone, do it now!

5. Bad feedback from users.

If you’ve had a customer calling or emailing to complain that they are struggling to use your website, don’t ignore them. For each one that contacts you about it, there could be many more who say nothing and simply go elsewhere online.

6. A new revenue stream.

There are several options for creating a new revenue stream from your website, if you haven’t already. Ecommerce is now more important than ever, and if there is a possibility that you could sell your products or services online, it’s well worth looking into. Converting your website into an ecommerce site could open up a whole new dimension to your business.

Are you looking at your website and thinking it needs an update? Have a chat with Spire Designs and we will be happy to take a look and give our no obligation advice.